Well i haven't been blogging very much because I have been so busy with everything. School all of the sudden got really tough and I have been spending the majority of my time in the library (not very exciting, I know). Even though I am busy with school I do still have a lot of fun.
We had valentines day a couple weeks ago that is always very exciting up here in Rexburg, people are getting engaged all over the place, and there is so many cute couples (oooh, ahhhh...barf). Well like many college girls I didn't have a date, and neither did my friends. So rather then sit in our apartments, crying on our beds, and thinking of our future prince charmings(see below picture) we all decided to get together!!
It was super fun we all got together, ate pizza, ice cream, and popcorn and watched a movie, it was overall a good time, I'm so thankful for the girls up here they are awesome!
Pics from valentines day!!

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