Day 12-How you found out about blogger and why you have one

Well I guess you can say that I found out about blogger through people I know. I would always read people's blogs from my community and I decided I wanted to have a blog. At first I wasn't sure because most of the people's blogs that I read have theme to them, like crafting, or most of them have kids. I am not into any of that so at first I was a little apprehensive about starting a blog. But I just decided to go for it, I would be a good way to keep an online journal and a good way to post pictures of things going on in my life.
I hope that one day I can turn this into a blog that has more of a theme. I am thinking somewhere along the lines of a cooking them. I love to cook and would love to share my successes and failures. But for now it is just me and my college life!



Last weekend at BYU-Idaho we tried to break the world record for the biggest dodge ball game. We didn't make it sadly but it was a lot of fun!! There were two teams the blue team and the gray team. I chose to be on the gray team, and guess what?? WE WON!!! People were cheating all over the place but it was still a blast, and it was fun to get together with about 1200 other students. The record we had to beat was 2012. I hope that we try again some other time, maybe next year, who knows?
Check out this sweet video!


Day 11- Another picture of you an your friends

Me Blaire and Chelsea at the world record dodgeball game!

This is Chelsea Westmoreland, lets just say that she is awesome! I love her. I cannot wait until I get to go to California and visit her and her family. So if you want to donate to my Cali fund, just let  me know!!

Drewsie and Me, I'm am his BFF he just doesn't know it yet! 
P.S. He is going on his mission to Rio De Janeiro Brazil!!!

Kylee, Me, Blaire, and Chelsea. These girls are awesome, they are always making my laugh, they are pretty much great!

I miss these girls like crazy!!!!



"Sometimes we seek approval so frantically that we become confused by the conflicting needs of those around us. Concentrating on pleasing Heavenly Father brings peace,
a respite fear and anxiety."


Day 10-Songs you listen to when you're bored, happy, sad, mad, hyped

Bored: I think when I am bored i like to listen to the script. They have such good music, I love them so much!

Happy: There is so many songs that I love to listen to when I am happy! I like Taylor Swift basically all of her music is good. Thompson square, I love their song "are you going to kiss me or not." I also love Jason Aldean's and Kelly Clarkson's "Don't You Wanna Stay" and how could i forget JB!!!! I HAVE JUSTIN BIEBER FEVER!!!

Sad: For some reason when I am sad I like to listen to Bruno Mars "Just the way you are". I also love to listen to anything by GLEE because their music makes me so happy when I am feeling down. Any country song is also good for when you aren't feeling so good.

Mad: I like to listen to Skillet, nickelback, or Three day's grace.

HYPED!!!! I like to listen to any type of music when I am hyped! I just love music!!!


Quote of the day #4

If you can find a path
with no obstacles,
it probably doesn't lead anywhere.


Quote of the day #3


Day 9-Something you're proud of in the past few days

Well this is an invitation that I made for a little "tea party" that we are having for church. I am not very crafty at all, so I will say that I am very proud of it, and I think that it turned out pretty darn cute! To get the supplies I went to this crafty store in Rexburg called Porters. I could probably spend hours in there just looking at stuff. And then spend every dollar I ever earned on all their cute things.

Something else that I am very proud of that I will not take a picture of is I have been writing in my journal everyday for a week! I have never been a faithful journal writer, but I am in a class where we have to have an 11-week improvement plan, and one I chose to do a better job at writing in my journal. I really like to write in my journal because it helps me reflect on the days activities, and it also helps me "vent". I cannot wait to go back and read some of the stuff in a couple years. I really find it fun to go back and read things I wrote when I was younger. I feel like an idiot for some of the things that I wrote but that is okay with me, it just shows that I am growing, and changing into who I will become!


"Children are crying.
Soldiers are dying
Some people don't have a home
But I know there's sunshine behind that rain
I know there's good times behind that pain, hey
Can you tell me how I can make a change
I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray
I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray"
Yes I love Justin Bieber, get over it!



"We are always going to have something that can make us sorrowful so we just need to remember all of the good things in life and smile through our tears."

Day 8-Short term goals for this month and when you'll accomplish them

Well this is the last month of the semester. My goals are to get A's in four of my classes. And for my fifth class, I am aiming for a C. I know that sounds really lame of me but this my science class and as of right now I am really struggling in it, like big time!! It's not good, but I am doing very well in all my other classes. I also want to finish this 30 day challenge this month. I should be able to do it, but I don't know I seem to go in streaks. I do really good blogging for a few days, then I do bad, but I am going to try and finish this! Another goal I have is to work on becoming closer to my Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. This is something that I really need to put as the first priority in my life. I will let you know how these goals go. Hopefully I will be successful :)


Lately Cont'

Okay well since v-day I also had the chance to go back home to Washington for a few days. I had so much fun, I love home. I really think that WA is the best place on earth. I got to see my friends, hang out with my family, and I got to see my little sisters cheer lead, and play basketball.
I loved catching up with my friends they are so funny, and they just make my day, I love them.
This is deej, meli and I with our huge cookie pizza thing. We topped it with ice cream and hot fudge, needless to say that it was the most divine thing ever!! I pretty much loved it, uh huh I did!

So I swore I wouldn't put this picture on facebook. Well, good thing this isn't facebook. These are the best girls to ever graduate from CHS, we are pretty much amazing. What can I say??? We are what we are.



Well i haven't been blogging very much because I have been so busy with everything. School all of the sudden got really tough and I have been spending the majority of my time in the library (not very exciting, I know). Even though I am busy with school I do still have a lot of fun.
We had valentines day a couple weeks ago that is always very exciting up here in Rexburg, people are getting engaged all over the place, and there is so many cute couples (oooh, ahhhh...barf). Well like many college girls I didn't have a date, and neither did my friends. So rather then sit in our apartments, crying on our beds, and thinking of our future prince charmings(see below picture) we all decided to get together!!
It was super fun we all got together, ate pizza, ice cream, and popcorn and watched a movie, it was overall a good time, I'm so thankful for the girls up here they are awesome!
Pics from valentines day!!

Day 4- Someone who has had the biggest impact on you

This is my mom Nancy Schultz. She is the person that has had the biggest impact on my life. She has taught me so much. She has always been there for me and she has made me want to be a better person. She is such a great example of what a mom should be, and I hope that one day I can be the mom to my kids that she was to me. She is a hard worker and she is always busy. Our house growing up was always clean and she made it a place where we could feel the spirit. She loves the Savior, you can tell by the ways she lives her life. I hope someday that I can be like her. I love you mom!!