Lately Cont'

Okay well since v-day I also had the chance to go back home to Washington for a few days. I had so much fun, I love home. I really think that WA is the best place on earth. I got to see my friends, hang out with my family, and I got to see my little sisters cheer lead, and play basketball.
I loved catching up with my friends they are so funny, and they just make my day, I love them.
This is deej, meli and I with our huge cookie pizza thing. We topped it with ice cream and hot fudge, needless to say that it was the most divine thing ever!! I pretty much loved it, uh huh I did!

So I swore I wouldn't put this picture on facebook. Well, good thing this isn't facebook. These are the best girls to ever graduate from CHS, we are pretty much amazing. What can I say??? We are what we are.


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