10.DAYS??!!? WHAT!

So I am down to my last ten days as a BYU- Idaho attendee. I cannot believe my time here is coming to an end. I look back at my first day of school here; it seems so long ago, but at the same time it has flown by in the blink of an eye. I have changed so much, and become such a better person. My testimony of Jesus Christ has grown, and my testimony of the Book of Mormon and increased immensely. I have made so many friends and memories. I also had hard times, times where I missed my family so much, times that I just wanted to give up and go home. Even those hard times have made me strong, and have helped build my character. There were so many times I wished to leave here and never look back, that would have been easy, but I stuck with it, and can honestly say that I will miss this place (well, kind of).

Today at has been a wonderful Sunday. In Relief Society we talked about the scriptures and the importance that they are in our lives. I felt the spirit so strong in that meeting, I know that the scriptures are true with all of my heart and that we can truly come to know our Father in Heaven through them. We can learn how to be people of God, and people that turn to the Savior and use the atonement in our lives. I know that the scriptures aren't just some fictional story. They are true and if we live by their teachings we can live with our Father in Heaven again someday.


New Semester.. New Challenges.

Well we are back in Rexburg for yet another semester. The 10 day break was really good, it was nice to relax and spend time with my family and friends back home. It was also nice to go to a mall that has good stores, and that is just better than the one in Idaho Falls. I also got to play volleyball with the relief society sisters in my ward, it was really fun and it reminded me of how much I miss volleyball. 

Well like I said in the title it is a new semester and there are some new challenges. This semester is a little different for me. I am only taking two credits so I can graduate with my associates. I could have taken any class under the sun and I chose the second half of the New Testament. It covers Acts through Revelations. It is pretty interesting so far, it was a really good class to take since I have never really studied the New Testament in depth. It is also only a first block class so I meet everyday monday through thursday for and hour, until June 1st. It is a really fasted paced class, but I am glad that it is or else I would be super bored. 

A lot of people have been asking me why I am only taking one class, and why only for half the semester. Well it is because I am going on a mission for my church!! I am working on the papers right now. It is so crazy to think by fall I will probably be somewhere thousands of miles away bring others unto Christ. I am really excited but at the same time super nervous. This is a life changer. After my mission I do not plan to come back to BYU-Idaho. I do not know where I will go but it will probably not be here. I have had fun here, but at the same time I am excited for something new, something that will challenge me a little more, and somewhere that is just a little more mature. There is excitement everywhere!!


18 DAYS!!!! WHHHAT!!

      So there are eighteen days until this semester is over, not eighteen school days, eighteen calender days. Time in Rexburg always goes by so fast. This semester has been no different it seems like it was only last week that I was moving my stuff into my new apartment. But so much has happened since then, hundreds of assignments turned in, countless quizzes, a few tests, and a lot of memories. When we get to the end of every semester I like to look back and see how much I have changed. I think I have changed a lot in these short 3 months. I have made some life changing decisions, and I cannot wait to see where this crazy ride we call life takes me.

        Other then the semester ending soon nothing else that exciting is happening. Wait scratch that...Next semester I am going to graduate with my Associates. I feel like I should have had this a year ago, but things have come up. I am super mad because when I went and talked to the counselor I figured out I only needed 2 more credits after this semester, and those two credits could be for anything!! I wish I would have been planning better. So this upcoming spring semester I am taking an online religion class and hoping to find a job up here. I need to start my job search this week because jobs go fast here. I hate job hunting, it is one of my least favorite activities I wish someone would hand over a job and that was the end of it. If I cannot find a job here I will probably go home, even though here is where I really want to be. We will see what happens though.

Quote from Relief Society that I loved:
"Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not the goal" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Valentines Day.. ehh....

So usually I am not a very big fan of valentines day. I never used to be this cynical about the holiday until I came to Rexburg. Here you see ridiculous gifts being given at every turn; girls holding all sorts of bouquets, huge red balloons with enough helium to float a small house, and everyone posting on facebook what there lover did for them.. BARF! Maybe I feel this way because I don't have a valentine, or a boyfriend, but I don' think so. Why should we be limited to show love for others just one day of the year.. Doesn't make much sense to me. Sure, get your girl something nice, but you better be treating her the same every other day of the year.
  Sorry Valentines Day rant is not over!!!
Yesterday was pretty good for me despite it being valentines day. Here is why..
A. One of my classes was cancelled, therefore I only had one class, which did not require me to do any homework for! Double Bonus right???
B. Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Kylee, she is hilarious, and I don't get to see her enough this semester. And I got a Caliente Salad from the Crossroads..best thing EVER!!
C. Yesterday was devotional, it wasn't my favorite one ever but it was still pretty good, and devotional is prime for my favorite extra curricular activity: people watching!
D. I went to the temple. When I was there I noticed I couldn't wipe that smile off my face, it is such a happy place and so beautiful.
E. I got some money from my mom in the mail.. Who could complain about that. 
F. I got my tax return!! Whoop best thing ever!!
G. I got this super cute skirt from Old Navy that I had my eye on for a while. When I first say it it was $35!! But yesterday it was on clearance for $12! I love a good sale 
H. Last but not least I have amazing roommates! This year I am super happy with the girls that I got with, they are awesome. We have a lot of fun, and our apartment is clean!! YAY!! 

Kickin' Butt and Taking Names!!!

     Today has been a great day! I got up and went to my 9 o'clock class, which was pretty good, usually I am bored out of my mind, and thinking about how I should still be in bed. After class I came home and got right to work on all  the homework I have to get done before I go home this weekend.. (So EXCITED!!!) I am taking two online classes and all the homework for the week is due every Friday by 5, so I had to get serious about it all today, because I have been a slacker lately. So I came home, got a couple of assignments done for some other classes, then I started on my stats homework. 
      Stats is a killer! We use a computer program called SPSS and it is easy once you remember how to figure everything out, but I cannot remember all the different steps, to therefore it is hard. I had got done 8 quizzes for that class and only have 3 left!! It is a great feeling. I also got all my homework done for my social problems class that is also due friday at 5pm. I am just feeling good, and I had to share with someone :)


Words of Wisdom!

I need to do each of these things, this week!! 

Don't Be Afraid to Fail!!

"It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not lived at all- in which you fail by default."
 -J.K. Rowling

Joseph Smith

     Today during relief society we talked about the prophet that restored the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth. I love lessons about Joseph Smith. To me it shows that we can over come any obstacles that we have. As I was sitting there in the class I was thinking about all the hardships that Joseph and his wife, Emma, have gone through. Countless children dying in infancy and when they were young. Joseph being scorned all the time. Joseph also getting tarred and feathered, and being beat and tortured in prison and in the end being martyred. He and Emma suffered all these things because they knew the church was true. In the Doctrine and Covenants 121:7 it says; "My son, peace be unto they soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment." It would be so hard for me to have faith going through those trials and I would feel that they would never end. 
   As I was sitting there during relief society I thought of all the things that I have went through in this life and none of those hold a candle to the things the Emma and Joseph endured. I should have stronger faith, I should love the Lord even more than I do. I should never complain about the small trials that I have. I should be a brighter light to those around me. I should be better!! 
   Today was also our ward conference and our theme was being separate from the world and being an example. Our bishop also reminded us of a quote that we recently heard from L. Tom Perry in a devotional a few weeks ago. He said that any member of the church that is worthy of a recommend should stand out in a crowd. Do I stand out in the crowds? If I don't I should, and there are things that I need to work on to brighten my countenance. This is a time when we have to be different and set apart from those of this world. My life should reflect His will.



"When you are going through something hard and wonder were God is, remember the teacher is always quiet during a test."

February... ALREADY!

      What the world, it is February already! Time goes so stinking fast when I am up at school; next time I blink I am sure the semester will already be over. This semester is going great so far. I love all of my classes. After this semester I will only have one foundation class left! I am so excited I have been waiting for this moment for a while now, it is going to be great to finally get into my major classes. It will be a lot of work but so much more interesting and I will enjoy going to classes so much more. I have finally decided to go into sociology with a minor in child development. I think I will love what I do. I am taking a social problems class right now and I love it!! I like to learn about all the stuff that people go through and the effect it has on them. I ultimately want to become a school counselor, I think that would be so great. I just have to get through 2 and a half more years of school! ALMOST THERE HA!

      Things are going really good now :) the only thing missing is a MAN.. So if you guys no of anyone, hook a sister up! Haha I should have a lot of options here in Rexburg, but I have not found that one that has everything that I am looking for. Maybe I am being to picky, or not looking in the right places but no one has really caught my eye, or made me fall head over heals for them. I think a problem may be I watch way to many chick flicks. I have this perfect guy that I have in mind, but I cannot seem to find him, he probably doesn't even exist. That would just be my luck. But this week my goal is to be more open, doing something that scares me. I will report next week, we will see how it goes.

Watch this new Mormon Message! It is so good!! I want deep beauty. I am working on it:)


Week One... COMPLETE!!!

Well the first week of school is already over. Thank goodness it was only three days. Classes will be good this semester. They will challenge me and they will keep me busy.

And some exciting news! Today is my birthday! 21! I never thought this day would come. I never thought that I would ever be this "old". The truth is I used to think that 21 was so old, but now that I've "arrived" it is not as old as I thought. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the thought that I am old enough to get married, and that I could serve a mission for the church. Being "old" also means decisions. So many decisions.

This year is going to bring about so many changes in my life, I'm excited, nervous, scared, etc. But I cannot wait. Here's to an exciting year of the unknown. BRING IT ON!!


Back to the Daily Grind, and Back to Blogging!

As you can see my blogging has taken a fast crash to nothing. I think it all started when I felt like I had nothing interesting to blog about anymore since I was taking a semester off of college and all I was doing was working. To make a long story short, I took spring 2011 semester off and started working for Plato's Closet, a nicer second hand store with a twist. We specialized in young adult and teen clothing and we gave cash on the spot for the clothes that people sold to us. This job may sound easy but like everything else that sounds easy, it was not. Telling people that there stuff wasn't in style or that it was just to worn was hard. People would often get offended, yell at us, and vow to NEVER COME BACK!!! Even though it was hard, it was a lot of fun, and I got to meet some pretty cool people.

So I worked there for nine months and I am finally back to REXBURG! I used to hate it but now I love it. I love that I am finally going to have a schedule again, and be learning and working towards something. Rather then working in a minimum wage job that literally leads to NO WHERE!!! So the blog is back up and running! Hopefully I will do a better job of keeping everyone posted of what I am up too, and the exciting things that are happening.. BRING IT ON!!