General Conference :)

This past weekend was General Conference for our church. This is when we all  get together and listen to our prophets, or church leaders. The conference takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah and is broadcasted throughout the world. I have been to the conference center to watch it once, all the other times I have watched it from my couch is I think is quite comfortable. The conference is a total of 8 hours long, 4 hours on Sunday and 4 on Saturday, and it run in two hour sessions, that is a lot of church in one weekend. But I love it and I love hearing what the leaders have to say, and know what I need to work on as a person.
The First Presidency: Our prophet Thomas S. Monson
Counselors: Henry B. Eyring and
Dieter F. Utchdorf

Here is a Mormon Message. These are so, so good I love them!!!


FUN LIFE!!! :)

So much has been doing on lately that I can not remember it all so I will just post about the highlight recently. Last weekend MELISSA GIBBONS!! came to visit me in Rexburg. I was so much fun!!! I started off seeing her on thursday night for a couple of hours we met up and Jamba Juice and then just hung out for a while. On Friday she hung out with her sister Mindy. But I got to hang out with her all Saturday. It reminded me of old times when we would always hang out back in high school. I will be like that again this summer when we are both home at the same time.
On Saturday we ate lunch at our favorite place, which is of course Wendy's it is yummy. Then we went to see TANGLED!!!!!! It is the best movie ever I love it so so much. It just has such a cute story line and it has the best music. I could watch it a million times!.
After tangled we hung out at my apartment and we took this picture: Not the best of me but that is ok...
This day was also the Best Of show on campus. This is where the best preforms of all the talentish shows on campus perform at one event. It was so good, I really loved it. Blaire's boyfriend, Kioa, was it is. He is in a hip hop crew. They were so awesome and fun to watch. Me and Melissa then went and got some ice cream at dairy queen it was amazing, and yummy. I love Melissa and cannot wait to spend more time with her this summer!


I have only a few days left here in Rexburg, then I will be moving home for a while to earn some moo-la!!! Being the end of the semester there is always a ton of things to do and you always feel a bit overwhelmed. I will tell you about each of my classes and how they are going..
Home and Family Time Management: Well this class is pretty easy I must say. I just have to give two presentations before Friday. Not a big deal though one is only 2 minutes and the other like 30 sec. or something. For the 2 minute presentation I just have to talk about a research paper I already wrote, and the topic is on stress. How fitting for this point in the semester. I learned a lot from this class, but I will not be sad to see it in the rear view mirror, hip hip hooray!!
Science, Origins of the Universe, The Earth, and Human Life: I have honestly no idea what I was thinking when I signed up for this class. I have to take 3 science classes for generals and this is one of the options, so I chose it. Needless to say I will be more alert the next time I sign up for classes, and do a little research before registration. For this class I also have to give a presentation, it is on the vikings, it is a 10 min. group presentation and I cannot wait to get it over with, I think that my group goes tomorrow, thank goodness. This class has been a living nightmare, it is so unorganized and I can honestly say that I didn't learn a thing. Oh I almost forgot, I have to take a test by Tuesday, hopefully I do good on that.
Doctrine and Covenants Religion Class: Religion classes are my favorite, they are the least amount of work and I get the most out of them, who wouldn't want that right? I love my teacher he is pretty funny, sometimes I literally lol but no one else in my class does, I just want to slap them and say "hello that was a real joke it is okay to laugh!!!!" Sometimes people are so dense. For this class the final is a practicum. Basically you choose a part of your life that you need to improve on and you write about it. I chose praying. I need to be better at saying my prayers in the morning and not being to repetitive. So that is what I am working on.
Motivation and Management: I LOVE THIS CLASS!!!! It is basically the best class that I have ever taken, I have learned so much and it will help me out so much when I am a teacher. This is a class about how to manage your classroom as a future teacher. We learned about different theories and then we applied them to what we know and we made a discipline plan for out final. And I took pictures of it for you!! yay!!
 This is the cover sheet, I just chose a class that I might be teaching in the future since my major is Family and Consumer Science Education.
 Table of Contents
 Philosophy of Discipline page, this is where I talked about preventing bad behavior and the seating arrangement that I would like in my future classroom.
 Professionalism: I wrote about the rules that I have for myself as a teacher.
 Class Behavior: We want a class that there is a sense of community.
 Rule, procedures and possible consequences. I decided that I want my students to help create some of the rules so the will be more likely to follow them.
 Extreme Misbehavior procedure
 Communicating my Plan. First day of school
 Front and back page of the parents newsletter!
It looks so nice, I'm so proud of it and I can honestly say that hard work pays off. I looks so professional. I took to our schools copy spot to have it printed on nice paper and they also put it together with a spiral binding. There is a clear protector cover on top and also a hard vinyl piece on the back to protect it. I hope I get an A that would make my semester!!! :)
English 201: The last class to write about is my english class. I took it online and I'm glad I did. You don't wast three hours of your week going to class and you can go at your own pace, for the most part. I am already done with this class. I finished on Friday when I submitted my final paper. It was a 13 page argument paper. I wrote about the negative effects of divorce on a family. I think I will score really good on it. I am anxious to see how I do.

Overall this semester has been a good one and have enjoyed my classes. I worked super hard and I know that the hard work will definitely pay off. I cannot wait to see my awesome grades!!!!!


Well it has been a while since I blogged. I cannot believe that it is April this is craziness I tell you!! And you want to know what else is crazy, I am done with winter semester in 5 days!!! Time goes by so fast but I love it, It keeps you on your toes, and it makes for a different experience everyday. So lately I have been very busy, with school, my awesome social life, and church. I will make three different blogs posts about the subjects I hope you enjoy!