FUN LIFE!!! :)

So much has been doing on lately that I can not remember it all so I will just post about the highlight recently. Last weekend MELISSA GIBBONS!! came to visit me in Rexburg. I was so much fun!!! I started off seeing her on thursday night for a couple of hours we met up and Jamba Juice and then just hung out for a while. On Friday she hung out with her sister Mindy. But I got to hang out with her all Saturday. It reminded me of old times when we would always hang out back in high school. I will be like that again this summer when we are both home at the same time.
On Saturday we ate lunch at our favorite place, which is of course Wendy's it is yummy. Then we went to see TANGLED!!!!!! It is the best movie ever I love it so so much. It just has such a cute story line and it has the best music. I could watch it a million times!.
After tangled we hung out at my apartment and we took this picture: Not the best of me but that is ok...
This day was also the Best Of show on campus. This is where the best preforms of all the talentish shows on campus perform at one event. It was so good, I really loved it. Blaire's boyfriend, Kioa, was it is. He is in a hip hop crew. They were so awesome and fun to watch. Me and Melissa then went and got some ice cream at dairy queen it was amazing, and yummy. I love Melissa and cannot wait to spend more time with her this summer!

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