General Conference :)

This past weekend was General Conference for our church. This is when we all  get together and listen to our prophets, or church leaders. The conference takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah and is broadcasted throughout the world. I have been to the conference center to watch it once, all the other times I have watched it from my couch is I think is quite comfortable. The conference is a total of 8 hours long, 4 hours on Sunday and 4 on Saturday, and it run in two hour sessions, that is a lot of church in one weekend. But I love it and I love hearing what the leaders have to say, and know what I need to work on as a person.
The First Presidency: Our prophet Thomas S. Monson
Counselors: Henry B. Eyring and
Dieter F. Utchdorf

Here is a Mormon Message. These are so, so good I love them!!!

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