Valentines Day.. ehh....

So usually I am not a very big fan of valentines day. I never used to be this cynical about the holiday until I came to Rexburg. Here you see ridiculous gifts being given at every turn; girls holding all sorts of bouquets, huge red balloons with enough helium to float a small house, and everyone posting on facebook what there lover did for them.. BARF! Maybe I feel this way because I don't have a valentine, or a boyfriend, but I don' think so. Why should we be limited to show love for others just one day of the year.. Doesn't make much sense to me. Sure, get your girl something nice, but you better be treating her the same every other day of the year.
  Sorry Valentines Day rant is not over!!!
Yesterday was pretty good for me despite it being valentines day. Here is why..
A. One of my classes was cancelled, therefore I only had one class, which did not require me to do any homework for! Double Bonus right???
B. Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Kylee, she is hilarious, and I don't get to see her enough this semester. And I got a Caliente Salad from the Crossroads..best thing EVER!!
C. Yesterday was devotional, it wasn't my favorite one ever but it was still pretty good, and devotional is prime for my favorite extra curricular activity: people watching!
D. I went to the temple. When I was there I noticed I couldn't wipe that smile off my face, it is such a happy place and so beautiful.
E. I got some money from my mom in the mail.. Who could complain about that. 
F. I got my tax return!! Whoop best thing ever!!
G. I got this super cute skirt from Old Navy that I had my eye on for a while. When I first say it it was $35!! But yesterday it was on clearance for $12! I love a good sale 
H. Last but not least I have amazing roommates! This year I am super happy with the girls that I got with, they are awesome. We have a lot of fun, and our apartment is clean!! YAY!! 

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