Kickin' Butt and Taking Names!!!

     Today has been a great day! I got up and went to my 9 o'clock class, which was pretty good, usually I am bored out of my mind, and thinking about how I should still be in bed. After class I came home and got right to work on all  the homework I have to get done before I go home this weekend.. (So EXCITED!!!) I am taking two online classes and all the homework for the week is due every Friday by 5, so I had to get serious about it all today, because I have been a slacker lately. So I came home, got a couple of assignments done for some other classes, then I started on my stats homework. 
      Stats is a killer! We use a computer program called SPSS and it is easy once you remember how to figure everything out, but I cannot remember all the different steps, to therefore it is hard. I had got done 8 quizzes for that class and only have 3 left!! It is a great feeling. I also got all my homework done for my social problems class that is also due friday at 5pm. I am just feeling good, and I had to share with someone :)

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