Joseph Smith

     Today during relief society we talked about the prophet that restored the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth. I love lessons about Joseph Smith. To me it shows that we can over come any obstacles that we have. As I was sitting there in the class I was thinking about all the hardships that Joseph and his wife, Emma, have gone through. Countless children dying in infancy and when they were young. Joseph being scorned all the time. Joseph also getting tarred and feathered, and being beat and tortured in prison and in the end being martyred. He and Emma suffered all these things because they knew the church was true. In the Doctrine and Covenants 121:7 it says; "My son, peace be unto they soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment." It would be so hard for me to have faith going through those trials and I would feel that they would never end. 
   As I was sitting there during relief society I thought of all the things that I have went through in this life and none of those hold a candle to the things the Emma and Joseph endured. I should have stronger faith, I should love the Lord even more than I do. I should never complain about the small trials that I have. I should be a brighter light to those around me. I should be better!! 
   Today was also our ward conference and our theme was being separate from the world and being an example. Our bishop also reminded us of a quote that we recently heard from L. Tom Perry in a devotional a few weeks ago. He said that any member of the church that is worthy of a recommend should stand out in a crowd. Do I stand out in the crowds? If I don't I should, and there are things that I need to work on to brighten my countenance. This is a time when we have to be different and set apart from those of this world. My life should reflect His will.

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