February... ALREADY!

      What the world, it is February already! Time goes so stinking fast when I am up at school; next time I blink I am sure the semester will already be over. This semester is going great so far. I love all of my classes. After this semester I will only have one foundation class left! I am so excited I have been waiting for this moment for a while now, it is going to be great to finally get into my major classes. It will be a lot of work but so much more interesting and I will enjoy going to classes so much more. I have finally decided to go into sociology with a minor in child development. I think I will love what I do. I am taking a social problems class right now and I love it!! I like to learn about all the stuff that people go through and the effect it has on them. I ultimately want to become a school counselor, I think that would be so great. I just have to get through 2 and a half more years of school! ALMOST THERE HA!

      Things are going really good now :) the only thing missing is a MAN.. So if you guys no of anyone, hook a sister up! Haha I should have a lot of options here in Rexburg, but I have not found that one that has everything that I am looking for. Maybe I am being to picky, or not looking in the right places but no one has really caught my eye, or made me fall head over heals for them. I think a problem may be I watch way to many chick flicks. I have this perfect guy that I have in mind, but I cannot seem to find him, he probably doesn't even exist. That would just be my luck. But this week my goal is to be more open, doing something that scares me. I will report next week, we will see how it goes.

Watch this new Mormon Message! It is so good!! I want deep beauty. I am working on it:)

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  1. You are so cute! I went to both Ricks and BYU and found my husband back in Washington in our tiny single adult group. I think picky is good. Eternity is a heck of a long time to be with someone! :) xoxo