Okay I know it says a picture of me and my friends but I decided to do a picture of each of my closest friends to show their individual personalities, so there is a lot of pics.  
 So, first we have Delia, DJ for short. I love her she is always making me laugh and always can make you feel better when you are having a bad day. And I have to mention she has the most beautiful voice ever, I could just listen to her sing all day! She should be on Glee!!! (PS we both love that show, so it would work out perfect!) DeeJay is such an inspiration to me, I someday wish to be at least half the person she is!
 This is MELISSA!! Mel came into my life in jr. high, and we became friends right away. Melissa is the kindest person ever, and she has the best attitude out of anyone I know. Melissa is the quietest in our friend group but she always has a good joke to tell and keeps me laughing. I love Melissa because she shares the love for chick flicks with me. I love the nights where we would just sit in her basement watching how to loose a guy in 10 days, and eating popcorn, those were the days! And by the way melissa makes the best muddies buddies yummmm! I'm so thnakful that she came to Connell, I don't know what I would have done without her.
 Karms! As you can see she is so pretty, Karmen loves to work out and she inspires me to be a better person. Karms is nice to everyone and she always is doing something special for someone. I love karm because I can't talk to her about so many different things, we laugh together and we cry together she is just amazing. She always has a text to lighten my day, and she is a friend that will sacrifice anything for you. She also has the best taste in music and knows all the new songs, I will love her forever.
Blaire!!!!! First off Blaire is gonna be my roomie up at school, I CAN'T WAIT!! but anywho, Blaire has so much spunk and personality. She is someone who can stand her ground and she is a beautiful person inside and out.  She is a hard worker and knows how to get things done. I love Blaire cause she always laughs at my horrible jokes, and that is a good friend haha. Blaire is an awesome sister and I wish I could be like her one day, she is always treating laryn (her little sister) so well, and that is something I have always admired about her!
Chels! I barely met Chelsea less than a year ago at BYU-Idaho. Chelsea is so awesome! She is so fun to be around and is so uplifting. She is so hilarious, and I am always laughing when I'm with her. One of my favorite memories with her is driving in her car and singing our lungs out. I look forward to getting to know her better. 

 Laurel, Blaire, DeeJay, Melissa, Karm, Ali
 Meli in the tree, Deej, and Karms. HAHA I love this pic

I saved this pic for last because it is my favorite. This is some of my friends at a basketball in high school. I will forever love my friends, they have made me who I am, and have blessed my life in so many ways. LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER!!!

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