A Picture of somewhere I've been..

This is just a pic of my and my sisters on the Oregon at seaside. I've haven't been many exotic places in my life, and that is okay with me. I liked this trip for many reasons, first it was in the summer when it is blasting hot, and it was nice to go somewhere cool for a vacation. I loved all the little shops that were in the town, it was interesting to see this. I also love cheese, so therefore we went to the tillamock cheese factory, and of course we had to get some ice cream! And that is where I met the love of my life in ice cream! That's right GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE ICE CREAM!!!!! Yes it is thebomb.com!!!! As you can see it really impacted my life, I always look for it in stores but they never have it, bummer. I also liked it because on this trip we went up to Seattle to watch the Mariners play, I love going to their games, pro sports are awesome to watch at the stadium, the atmosphere is awesome, and it is just fun to watch all the drunk people. So this my ridiculous post about the Oregon coast and the memories of ice cream.... Wow, I am a sad person. 

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