So here at BYU-I they don't have college sports so they have a huge intramural program. Since I love volleyball I decided to play this semester. I'm not trying to complain but there are many things that I can't stand about this program, that I just have to get off my chest. 

First of all, the coaches. The coaches are other students, the girl's teams have mostly guy coaches and the guy's teams have mostly girl coaches. This would be all fine with me, except for it comes down to whoever can flirt the best gets the most playing time. This is totally unfair, and I think it is wrong.

The second problem I have with it is they don't cut ANYONE. I understand it's hard to cut people, because you don't want to hurt their feelings, but how is a team supposed to get better if some of the players only volleyball experience has been church ball? This is very frustrating, but I try to have a good attitude, and try and help my teammate that isn't doing so well.

Even though this experience is hard, its fun to be playing again. I play on the spartans with the same color of green uniform we I had in junior high. I also get to play with my friend, Blaire Wells, who I graduated with and have played volleyball with since 7th grade. We lost our game yesterday 3-1, but we are definately improving.


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