I'm sure you all have noticed the fabulous trend of shape ups. I have been really curious about this shoe, why in the world are all these shoe companies making this hideous looking shoe? and could they really make my butt look that much better, and tone my legs??? I have thought these things every time I have seen them.

So one day I was walking along the nicely stocked shoe aisle in Fred Meyer when I encountered various colors of the shape ups. So I decided that I would try a pair on. I slipped my foot into size 10 pair, and laced them up. I was surprised to find as I took my first steps in this pair of shoes, that they were the most comfortable thing I ever wore, It was amazing!! I finally understood why everyone was wearing them, it was like a lightbulb went off. Yes, the shape ups were comfortable but they didn't look good enough for the $90 price tag that went along with them. So maybe one day when I'm rich and don't have anything better to spend my money on, I will buy a pair.

PS I still need to find out if they help the butt look better, if that is the case I might have to buy them a litter sooner. haha, yeah..... probably not. 

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